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Model Name TR-009
Weight 366g = 120g + 246g
Engagement Teeth 75T star ratchets
Material of ratchet Cr-Mo Ti
Material of freehub body Alloy 7075-T6
Material of hub shell Alloy 6061
Material of hub axles AL-7075
Sealed Bearings Front: 15267-2RS * 2 ;          Rear: 6902-2RS * 4
Hole Diameter 2.6mm
Gauge 14G
Brake center lock disc brake
Hub holes 28H
Spoke Type Straight pull
Conversion Kits Front: QR / 12x100mm ;    Rear: QR / 12x142mm
Anodized Colors black, red, blue, gold, purple, green, pink, orange, silvery, Ti grey, rainbow


* We asked a bike team tested the new hubs for more than one year, and meanwhile we did some modifications.

  Now we confirm that they are extremely stable and work very well, so we really hope you can enjoy with our new model~


* TR-009 hubs are with 75T ratchet which make the engagement very fast, so they perform the best when climbing.


* ECC bike hubs are used Japanese Multemp professional liquid grease --- high lubricity.


* The gorgeous anodized surface won't fade even in 170℃ high temperature baking for 7 hours.


* Easily convert between axle configurations with side caps change, tool free.


* ECC hubs are popular for the high quality & fast engagement and lower price.








  • The teeth parts are made of CRMNTI material, using cold forging forming technology and CNC five axles precision machining process. Imported high-end heat treatment equipment for hardening treatment.


1: The engagement area of 75T provides you with a direct sense of force.

2: The dense 75T arrangement greatly shortens the empty section distance, providing prompt acceleration experience.


3: The stentorian 75T ratchets sound brings a different audio-visual experience.

4: The single body vibrating engagement way makes the 75T ratchet react quickly and sensitively.

5: Quick and detachable freehub body makes maintenance easier.


6: The teeth parts were adopted cold forging technology to improve wear resistance and toughness.

7: The teeth parts use five axles CNC high-precision machining, achieving 1:1 complete engagement.